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10 Tasty Snack Mix Recipes That Are Actually Good For You

Snack mixes are a perfect way to stay fueled and energized on the go, especially in this beautiful fall season. Victor and I love going hiking this time of year to see all of the foliage, and the hikes usually last a few hours.

Having an easy snack that you can take and store anywhere is a must when we go hiking to stay energized and avoid the onset of hangry-ness.

But even if you aren’t into hiking, these are great snacks for school, work, or for a cozy movie night at home.

Most of these are simple mix-and-go recipes, but a few of them call for a slow cooker (believe me, the time is worth it!).



10 Superfood Snack Mix Recipes That Are Actually Good for You

This recipe is packed with protein and nutrients, and will definitely help you keep your cravings at bay.

The bittersweet cacao nibs and coconut flakes mixed with cashews and sunflower seeds provide a great contrast of flavors to leave you feeling satisfied and fueled on your next hike!

Recipe by The Healthy Family and Home. Get the recipe here.



10 Healthy Trail Mix Recipes

What I like about this one the best is that it only calls for four ingredients. FOUR! You can literally make this in minutes, and not to mention it’s extremely satisfying.

It contains dried blueberries and dark chocolate which are full of antioxidants, along with 2 cups of almonds for some healthy fats and added protein.

Recipe by Rachel Cooks. Get the recipe here.



10 Snack Mix Recipes That Are Actually Good for You

What sounds better than slow cooked trail mix? Slow cooking it allows the ingredients to soak up all the goodness that is included in this recipe like tamari, coconut sugar, red chili powder, and curry powder.

I would definitely classify this as both a sweet and savory mix, so if you’re someone that is a fan of contrast, you should definitely try this one out.

It does take a little longer to cook, but you can cook it in larger batches if you want and store in a ziplock bag in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Recipe by Cotter Crunch. Get the recipe here.



10 Trail Mix Recipes that are Actually Good for You

We all know this time of the year everyone goes crazy over pumpkin. The flavor is so reminiscent of fall, and really brings out the festivities this time of year.

Another added bonus is that pumpkin is extremely good for you, with it being rich in Vitamin A and other nutrients that boost your immunity, which is so important during the cold seasons.

Recipe by Slim Pickins Kitchen. Get the recipe here.



10 Healthy Trail Mix Recipes

I had to include another one of Lindsay’s recipes because they are just so darn delicious! What’s so great is they are all gluten-free as well, and most of them are usually paleo and vegan friendly.

This seriously tastes like a a decadent treat. To keep things healthier, I would suggest taking her up on the option to substitute butter with coconut oil. Doing this also adds in healthy fatty acids contained in coconut oil, which have been scientifically proven to reduce hunger.

Recipe by Cotter Crunch. Get the recipe here.



10 Healthy Snack Mix Recipes

This is a super simple recipe. All it really is, is mixed nuts, lemon, and za’atar, which is a middle eastern spice mix that contains spices like oregano, thyme, sumac, and a few other spices.

You can buy it pre-made at your local grocery store or here is a quick recipe from Gimme Some Oven on how to make it yourself!

Za’atar contains a lot of immune boosting spices that have been said to reduce inflammation, boost energy, and improve mood. Not to mention it is absolutely delicious!

Recipe by Healing Tomato. Get the recipe here.



10 Healthy Snack Mix Recipes

Chickpeas are super undervalued in their nutrition value and the way they can be utilized. They take on flavors very easily, and go very well with a variety of ingredients.

This recipe includes crunchy and chewy textures with a bit of sweet and saltiness to balance everything out.

With the chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, and mixed nuts, you will easily meet your protein requirement to fill you up and give you a nice energy boost during the day.

Recipe by Well Plated. Get the recipe here.



10 Healthy Snack Mix Recipes

This is a great healthy alternative to your regular popcorn snack, and actually includes a few ingredients that increase the protein content that make it a great snack for you to have on pretty much any occasion.

Popcorn is a great option to other snacks because of it’s high fiber content and also is known to contain antioxidant properties due to it being made of whole grains.

The instructions say to include vanilla protein powder, which you mix with cinnamon, coconut oil, and sweetener of your choice (he recommends coconut sugar).

It’s a great sweet treat you can easily make within minutes that has great flavor and is packed with protein and anti-inflammatory ingredients like cinnamon.

Recipe by The Big Mans World. Get the recipe here.



10 Healthy Snack Mix Recipes

Quinoa is so versatile in the way it can be prepared, but I never thought to use it in a granola mix!

Quinoa is another superfood that is packed with protein, is gluten free, and has a high fiber content.

This recipe includes other nutritious ingredient like pumpkin seeds, honey, and dried fruit, that make for a great snack that you can take anywhere.

Recipe by A Couple Cooks. Get the recipe here.



10 Healthy Snack Mix Recipes

For those of you that love tropical flavors like coconut, you will absolutely adore this recipe. It includes simple ingredients like toasted coconut, vanilla extract, coconut oil, cashews, sea salt.

Super simple to make, and full of nutritious fatty acids that are good for you skin, metabolism, and help reduce your cravings.

It only takes 25 minutes to make, and will have your home smelling delicious!

Recipe by An Edible Mosaic. Get the recipe here.


I hope you love these recipes as much as we do, and they have provided you with some simple alternatives to the regular store bought snacks that are often filled with artificial ingredients and sugar.

Nutrition is so important in maintaining your health both externally and internally, and the more healthy choice you make, the better you will feel!