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Fall is here, which means hearty, soul warming meals are back in style. Autumn is the perfect time to renew and implement new, healthy habits, so we have gathered 20 of the best vegan recipes that will prove worthiness to anyone of any diet and cooking status.

They are all simple to make, and will make you want to implement more plant based meals into your week!

Whether you are trying to lose weight, detox, or just eat more whole plant based foods, these recipes will do the trick, and will hopefully become a staple in your homes.




1.Vegan Pumpkin Spice Pancakes by Minimalist Baker

I’m usually not a pancake fan, but these I would definitely make an exception for! These are perfect for those cool Saturday mornings where you just want to stay in keep warm and cozy with your family.  They also use whole wheat flour, and give you the option to sub with oat flour if you want!

2. Flourless Pumpkin Muffins by My Whole Food Life

I love that these are gluten free, healthy, and so quick and easy to make! All it takes is 5 minutes of preparation, then toss them in the oven for 10 minutes! These are great for breakfast when you’re on the go, or simply as a snack!

3.Fall Breakfast Quinoa Bowl by Jar of Lemons 

Replace your morning oatmeal with this yummy quinoa bowl that just tastes like fall. The pumpkin seeds in it are a great added component full of protein and other nutrients.

4.No-Bake Energy Bites: Pumpkin Pie Protein Balls (Gluten Free) by Root + Revel

Victor and I just got into energy bites, and we love them. They are so easy to make and you don’t even have to bake them. Although these might taste like a treat, they are full of nutritious fiber and use organic ingredients to sweeten it up, making it delicious and guilt free.


5. Carrot Cake Smoothie Bowl by Pinch of Yum

We LOVE smoothie bowls. Our usual go to is our simple acai bowl recipe but acai is much more expensive and harder to come by in the colder months. This is a great alternative that incorporates a bunch of healthy ingredients but doesn’t taste like it. You would never know that there are hidden greens in here!



6. Kale, Lentil, and Roasted Beet Salad by Minimalist Baker

This isn’t just some ordinary salad. It is full of decadent flavors and just feels healthy, but without sacrificing flavor. The lentils will keep you full and energized, and the beets are great for ridding your body of toxins!

7.Fall Brussel Sprouts Quinoa Salad by Emilie Eats

Emilie incorporates salty and sweet into this quinoa bowl with pecans, brussel sprouts, butternut squash, and pomegranates. What I love about this is how easy it is to make. You just pop the vegetables in the oven to roast while cooking the quinoa, and add in the rest of the ingredients at the end, and you have a tasty, healthy lunch!

8.Thai Curried Butternut Squash Soup by Cookie + Kate

Thai curries are one of our favorite meals, so when I saw this, I got excited! This is the perfect soup to have on a cool, autumn day. It is savory, and the toasted coconut adds just the right amount of sweetness to it.

9. Fall Buddha Bowl with Quinoa by Vegan Heaven

Buddha bowls have been popular for awhile now. They are bowls packed full of nutrients and superfoods, that are extremely filling and easy to make. You basically just roast all the vegetables, make the sauce and grains, and toss them all in a bowl together.

This one also added tempeh, a fermented soybean product. Although I am big on not incorporating too much soy into your diet to avoid hormonal imbalances that can be caused by too much soy, adding quality soy products into your diet once in awhile won’t hurt. Tempeh is actually one of the healthier soy products to eat because it isn’t processed. It instead goes through a fermentation process which makes it great for balancing your pH.

10. Crispy Cauliflower Tacos with Chipotle Crema by Jessica in the Kitchen

Who doesn’t love tacos? They can pretty much be adapted to any diet, any time of the year. These cauliflower tacos can easily be made gluten free by switching out the breadcrumbs and taco shells. and the kale slaw is a great addition to add taste and texture!



11. One Pot Mexican Black Bean Sweet Potato Quinoa by Flavor the Moments

One pot meals are the best: simple to make and easy to clean up. This hearty dish is perfect for getting you into the fall spirit and is packed with protein from the beans and quinoa. This is perfect when you’re looking for a quick weeknight meal that is both tasty and nutritious!


12.Easy Lentil, Sweet Potato and Coconut Curry by Detoxinista

Detoxinista actually gets this recipe from her friend Gena from The Full Helping, and we are so glad she decided to share it! Lentils are a staple in many vegans diets due to their high protein content and extremely filling. Lentils, sweet potatoes, and coconut curry make for an awesomely wholesome meal that will keep you full and satisfied all season!


13. Homemade Vegetarian Chili by Cookie + Kate

If you’re looking for a simple and delicious, heart meal, this is it. Chili’s are a fall favorite loved by many, and this recipe will show you that you don’t need meat to make it feel complete. The black and pinto beans along with the abundance of vegetables will make you forget this is even a meat free recipe!

Skip the cheese or substitute in a vegan shredded cheese to keep this complete dairy and meat free.

14. Sweet and Savory Stuffed Acorn Squash by Vegan Huggs

Looking for an alternative to Thanksgiving dinner? This acorn squash bowl is packed full of fall flavors with cranberries, celery, and cremini mushrooms! This simple meal is a great addition or substitution to any fall feast, and will be loved by all.

15.Vegan Pumpkin Pasta Sauce with Wild Mushrooms by Cilantro and Citronella

Mushrooms just go so well with creamy sauces, and this is no exception! This decadent pasta dish is made with cashews to substitute dairy cream, and incorporates pumpkin into it to create a sauce perfect for fall! Add in the pasta of your choice and enjoy!


Snacks and Sides

16.Vegan Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms by Eat Healthy Eat Happy

These are perfect as an appetizer or as a side for your meal, and take no time to make! Stuffed mushrooms are definitely a favorite in the colder months, and these are delicious and packed with nutritious vegetables. They are also completely gluten free!

17.Maple Garlic Roasted Carrots with Carrot Greens Chimichurri by Jessica in the Kitchen

If you’re not a fan of carrots, I think you’ll change your mind forever after trying this recipe. This is an amazing savory side dish that pairs well with just about anything, and you’ll probably want to put the chimichurri sauce on everything after tasting it!

18.Easy Oven Roasted Potatoes with Sriracha Pumpkin Aioli by Peas and Crayons

Vegan sides don’t always have to be healthy vegetables. You can splurge a little every now and then! These simply delicious crispy potatoes with this divine pumpkin aioli will make it hard for you to refrain from eating them all at once! Make sure to use vegan mayo to keep it plant based.

19.Vegan Pumpkin Hummus by Blissful Basil

Hummus is a great healthy snack and spread, and the pumpkin just makes this a must try for fall. You can pair it with veggies, pita, or use it as spread on a sandwich or your favorite bread!

20.Cinnamon Pecan Roasted Butternut Squash by Damn Delicious

I can’t tell you whether this should be a side or a dessert, because it sounds so decadent and rich! This pretty much goes with every possible main dish, or can be eaten alone as a tasty, healthy treat! It is also super easy to make: it only takes 10 minutes to prepare and 30 minutes in the oven!


We hope you enjoyed our gathered list of fall plant based meals! If you are trying to switch to a more plant based diet and are struggling this time of year, try substituting one of your regular meals with one of these! I guarantee these will have you feeling satisfied and motivated to pursue a more plant based lifestyle!