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Starting an exercise plan is no easy task, especially when you are a beginner and have never worked out before. Have no fear because this article is written for anyone that wants to take the 30 day challenge to start losing weight who has never worked out before!

First off I wanted to say we are very proud of you for taking your health very seriously. Working out is an important factor for living a healthy and happy life and the best time to start this journey is now.

Be proud! Starting off the new year with this 30 day challenge is going to jump start your body toward your health and fitness goals.

All you need to do is focus for the next 30 days to change your life completely!


The Benefits of This Challenge

The amount of benefits you are about to discover on your fitness journey are going to surprise you in so many ways.

Starting my journey I never even knew half of the things I am about to share with you.

Before we go into the benefits I just wanted to let you all know I was never in the best shape growing up.

When I was in middle school I was 35lbs more than what I weigh currently. When I entered high school I decided to join the football team to get in shape. Their doctor gave me my physical and said I couldn’t play until I lowered my blood pressure.

At 14 years old my blood pressure was so high that they wouldn’t let me play sports. That was a sign that there was something wrong.

I didn’t take this sign seriously because it took me 4 years to start changing my ways and taking complete control of my health.

Once you start becoming more healthy you will start to see changes. Some of the benefits are:

-increased energy

-reduced overall body pain

-increased happiness and self confidence

-less “brain fog” 

The list of benefits can go on and on! Your goal is to solidify your ‘WHY’. Why do you want to take this 30 day challenge? What is your goal for this challenge? Write down your answers and keep them posted on the wall so you can read it every day.

We want you to be so focused that you don’t miss a day these next 30 days.

Motivation is key, and reading this piece of paper will motivate you to keep going.

Is Equipment Necessary?

The only equipment you will need for the start of your journey is a comfortable pair of shoes and workout clothes.


We want to start you off on the right track and the best way to do that is to get to know your own body first before you start using weights.

Plus the downside of jumping right into weights without building up any type of muscle may cause you more harm than good.

We don’t want to hurt you…that much… kidding! The only pain you will be feeling will be from the lactic acid build up from working out.

But you want to know something awesome? We have already written an article on recovering from any workout to reduce the amount of pain you will be feeling after a workout.

Strategy #1: Intermittent Fasting

For the next 30 days we highly recommend you try intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is a simple concept where you do not eat for a set amount of time each day.  

We highly recommend intermittent fasting because of all the amazing health benefits it provide:

-helps you lose weight

-helps you gain muscle

-enhances cognitive function

-lowers insulin (fat storing hormone that causes diabetes)

This type of lifestyle is one of the secrets many health practitioners apply to stay lean and healthy all year round.

For those of you just starting out we recommend you attempt 12 hours of fasting for the first week. Have your last meal at 8pm, or whatever time works for you. Wait 12 hours (8am) until you eat again.


The goal is to build up to 16 hours.


During the fast you are allowed to have water, coffee, and tea. Just don’t add any sugar or milk to prevent your body from leaving its fasting state.

Growing up in America we are taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we are telling you that by skipping this ritual it will enhance your body.

Many studies have been done to show these amazing results.

Linked below are a few videos to go more in depth with intermittent fasting. They will teach you about why you get hungry and show you the many benefits of intermittent fasting.




Strategy #2: Morning Workout Routine

For the next 30 days every day I want you to do the morning routine we designed for beginners. This basic routine will jumpstart your metabolism and start eating away your fat because you will be fasting.


Basic morning routine is:

-arm circles

-elbow to knee oblique twists


-jumping jacks

-forward lunge




This routine should only take you 10 minutes.

For more details on how to accomplish this routine check out the this article that will go into more detail.

If you want to burn even more fat we suggest doing three, three minute rounds of jump rope, with 30-60 seconds of rest in between.

Jumping rope is one of the best cardio activities that will melt fat away. If it is hard for you to jump rope, try jumping in place to get your heart pumping.


Here is a basic tutorial on jumping rope:



Strategy #3: Walking Routine

We want you to walk!

Walking is one of the best activities you could do as a beginner getting into the groove of working out. It is an activity that gets your body moving and it feels great once you do it.

Our goal here is not to kill your body but to build it up to accomplish harder workouts in the future.


Day 1 = 10 min

Day 2 = 10 min

Day 3 = 10 min

Day 4 = 10 min

Day 5 = REST

Day 6 = 15 min

Day 7 = 15 min

Day 8 = 15 min

Day 9 = 15 min

Day 10 = REST

Day 11 = 20 min

Day 12 = 20 min

Day 13 = 20 min

Day 14 = 20 min

Day 15 = REST

Day 16 = 25 min

Day 17 = 25 min

Day 18 = 25 min

Day 19 = 25 min

Day 20 = REST

Day 21 = 35 min

Day 22 = 35 min

Day 23 = 35 min

Day 24 = 35 min

Day 25 = REST

Day 26 = 45 min

Day 27 = 45 min

Day 28 = 45 min

Day 29 = 45 min

Day 30 = REST



  • Do not eat for 12 to 16 hours.
  • Complete morning workout routine every morning.
  • Follow the 30 day walking plan



This is the start of your health journey and by focusing on these basics you will be able to accomplish all your healthy and fitness goals. Some of you may think that what you see is easy. Take what you can from this article and try our more advanced workouts.

Here is a list of some of the more advanced workouts that you can try:

FREE Resource Library (best place to start)

The 20 Minute Yoga Routine Every Beginner Needs

20 Minute Home Yoga Workout for Beginners

7 Best Beginner Yoga Workouts for Weight loss


We are here to help you every step of the way and want you to succeed!

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to email us.

Best way to get in contact with us is to sign up to our email list and respond to any of the weekly emails we send out.

Wishing you the best year possible!