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Welcome to the Grounded Panda Blog! This website is run by those two goofy people you see right there in that picture below.


My fiancé  Victor and I (Ally) created this site to show people that you CAN be healthy and feel good EVERY DAY without having to sacrifice tons of time and money.

Neither Victor or I own a gym membership, and probably never will. We have always found it much more enjoyable to workout in our own fun, creative ways.

And that’s what we want to show you. That working out at home CAN be fun, and doesn’t have to feel super intimidating or overwhelming.


No matter who or where you are in life, you can completely change the way you feel by making the decision to start today.

This website is dedicated to the people who feel too overwhelmed, too inexperienced, and too uneducated to workout and follow a healthy lifestyle, because we know that you can!

Throughout this site, you will find tons of:

  • Beginner Yoga Routines and Poses to help you: lose weight, improve flexibility, destress + feel your best
  • Fitness Workouts and Challenges for Beginners
  • Healthy Eating Tips and Recipes
  • Healthy Living Hacks


I (Ally) know 100% what it feels like to have a negative relationship with working out and eating healthy.

There was a time in my life where I was constantly counting calories and carbs, and was forcing myself through hours of countless cardio everyday that I absolutely HATED. I dreaded having to workout, but just put myself through it to get the “results that I wanted.”


It honestly wasn’t until I met Victor and when I got into yoga that I realized how FUN being active can be, and that eating intuitively to your body is much more effective in reaching your goals than obsessively counting your macros. 

That is why we created our FREE Resource Library full of yoga routine printables, fitness challenges, and healthy living cheat sheets. To give you fun and creative ways to challenge yourself, and actually enjoy the process of it.

To access our FREE Yoga + Fitness Library, sign up below to get the password emailed to you!

Who are Ally + Victor?

I’m sure you’re wondering who we are and why in the world you should listen to us. We’re just two regular people trying to live healthy and feel great everyday, so what qualifies us to help you?


 Victor began studying yoga in 2008 when he was studying animation in art school.

It all started with a simple 1 credit yoga class in hopes it would help him understand movement better to get better at drawing.

After completing the one class he noticed a significant difference in his body- his knee and back pain was completely gone from hours of being hunched over a desk drawing.

This led to years of studying different types of movement such as yoga, calisthenics, and body weight based workouts.

Victor is an avid runner and has been studying unique ways of healing and improving the body for over 15 years including different breathing techniques, nutrition, and meditation.



 Ally is a Registered Nurse that began practicing yoga in 2015 when she began experiencing aches and pains and high stress related to her long night shifts.

She has always struggled with finding the right workout regimen and diet that didn’t always feel like such a struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

She has tried everything in the book: keto, vegan, vegetarian, low carb, paleo, EVERYTHING. 

It wasn’t until she started to practice yoga consistently and focused on eating a diet tailored to her body that she began seeing results that lasted. She is a regular practicing yogi, and avid hiker. 

She believes that no one diet is the cure to losing weight, it must be tailored to your particular lifestyle and needs. 



We aren’t here to judge you or tell you what the right way to eat or workout is, because we believe that is completely dependent on your body and who you are. What we are here to tell you is what has worked for us and to show you easy ways to make it work for you too.


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