10 Minute Yoga for Mobility Routine

10 Minute Beginner Yoga for Mobility Routine

Yoga is one of the best practices you can implement in order to increase and maintain your mobility. Mobility is vital to maintaining a good quality of life, because it is what helps you move! If you feel like you are lacking mobility or have noticed it had decreased, we’ve got you covered with this

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Why Yoga Blocks are Absolutely Necessary for Your Practice

Think yoga blocks are just for beginners? Think again. Yoga blocks allow you to practice integrity of form in yoga postures, ensuring you get the most out of your yoga practice. They assure proper alignment that allows for proper muscle memory to be built (which decreases chance of injury), and most importantly, open channels for

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12 Yoga Poses to Stretch Your IT Band

You probably hear “my IT band is so tight” from people in the gym, or you may hear a yoga teacher or class instructor say, “this will work your IT band,” but what exactly is the IT band? What works it and what doesn’t? If it’s tight, how do you stretch it? We’re here to

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Sun Salutation for Weight Loss: How Effective Is It?

Sun Salutations, or Surya Namaskars, are an integral part of most flow yoga classes, whether it’s Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Power, or any variation of flow – and for good reason. A Sun Salutation sequence works every muscle in the body, providing a strengthening and lengthening method that awakens the body, but can sun salutations assist

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Can’t Do Eagle Pose Arms? Here is What to Do

You are all too familiar of that part in class when your yoga teacher says, “Right arm under left arm, cross the arms, and interlace your fingers or press your palms together in a prayer. Find your eagle arms.” But what if you can’t find your eagle pose arms? What if your arms just won’t

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23 Yoga Phrases to Survive Your 1st Yoga Class

23 Yoga Phrases to Survive Your First Yoga Class

Yoga can feel like a foreign language – technically, many of the words are, since yoga was established in the Sanskrit language. But even the English yoga phrases seems foreign – “sun salutation” – am I saluting the sun? “Tuck the stomach in” – is my belly hanging out? Following instruction can be pretty difficult

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