Why Breathing is Important in Yoga

The breath- it’s the only thing that’s with you from the moment you’re born to the moment you pass. Seriously – when you think about it that way, the breath is pretty powerful stuff! Why is breathing important in yoga? Breathing unites the body and mind together, and can change the way you feel mentally,

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Morning Yoga Routine

Morning Yoga Routine for Beginners

Looking to jumpstart your day with some yoga? Incorporating a morning yoga practice is great for beginners and advanced yogis alike, and just 10 minutes every morning can make all the difference. If you are a morning person, it can be relatively easy to start the habit of stepping on your mat right when you

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Benefits of Boat Pose + How to Practice it Properly

Boat pose or Paripurna Navasana is an isometric core posture used in yoga and many other fitness disciplines. Not only does it target your abs to use its full strength but it also stabilizes the lower back, promotes focus towards the breath, and many other goodies for your body. Boat pose prepares as well as

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10 Ways Yoga Actually Changes Your Body

Yoga is a practice that links physical practice (postures) with meditative breathing to achieve length, strength, and overall well-being. But what specifically does that mean? What benefits will you experience when you take up a regular yoga practice? Keep in mind: a “regular” yoga practice is generally a total of at least 2 hours per

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How to Release Tight Hamstrings with Yoga

The Best Yoga Poses to Release Tight Hamstrings (Free PDF)

So many people suffer from tight hamstrings without even realizing it. With sitting becoming increasingly more common, a lot of people tend to not give enough attention to these big muscles and don’t realize the impact tight hamstrings have on their overall wellbeing. It is crucial to stretch your hamstrings on a regular basis not

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Yoga Strap Stretches for Beginners- 18 Different Yoga Poses for Beginners

How to Use a Yoga Strap: 18 Yoga Strap Stretches for Beginners

You might have seen yoga straps at your local yoga studio next to the yoga blocks and cushions and wondered what you need them for. Yoga straps are an excellent tool to make stretches safer and more accessible and can be super handy as a beginner. I personally always practice with a yoga strap to

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