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Being motivated to focus on your fitness goals is very important. Each and every one of us has a different method we use to stay motivated. As cheesy as it sounds, watching a fitness motivational video inspires me to keep focused on being healthy and in shape.

Top 5 Fitness Motivation Videos to Inspire Your Workouts

Do you ever feel like not working out on Monday or maybe you want to skip a day and work out tomorrow…stop listening to those negative thoughts!


You need to get rid of that voice.

In order for you to change you need to do it one day at a time.

Whenever I want to skip a day of working out outside because it’s raining or it’s too cold, I watch one of the many videos I have collected that have inspired me.

Collecting images, quotes, or videos that inspire you is very important. If you ever get that feeling that you want to do something more because you read a quote, hold on to that quote!

Print it out or write it down and keep it in a place that you could go to when you need it.

I have a secret board created on my Pinterest (don’t forget to follow US on Pinterest) that I use to collect all these sources of inspiration.

The journey you are on in order to obtain the health you want is going to require hard work.

Take every opportunity you can to pump yourself up to keep yourself going.


Now let me share with you some of the most inspirational videos I have collected and maybe they will make it on your list.



1.Amazing Insanity and CHAlean Extreme Transformation



This inspirational mother took her fitness to the next level! At first she could barely do a push up and with enough hard work and dedication she transformed her body.

This video shows her 7 month transformation. 210 days… thats all it took her. It’s a lot, but when you focus on your goal day by day, in no time you will reach it! We believe in you!



2.Monica’s P90X Transformation! Best Women’s Results!



Here is a video that is going to blow your mind away with the results this mother of three got in a matter of 90 days… Just 90 DAYS of focusing on her diet and working out.

Use her story as motivation for your story, not as a way to compare your results.

Even if it took you two years, it would still be worth it!



3.Amazing Girl Body Transformation


Some of you reading this probably think you will never be able to do a push up or pull up. This was the same thought process Hanine had at the start of the video. The results of hard work pay off! Hanine is living proof and should inspire you to reach for more!



4.Before & After 70 Pound Weight Loss Transformation


I love this video because it shows the power of when a high carb diet is eaten properly,  it will allow you to lose a lot of weight. Ally has tried many diets from paleo to keto and right now she has been focusing on a high carb lifestyle. After doing it for 3 months straight she has dropped more weight then she has before and she has eaten more then she has before!



5.Frank Medrano Superhuman Bodyweight Workout Domination



Truth is I will probably not be able to do any of this in my lifetime! The reason I love this video so much is because it inspires me to do more. Seeing the potential of what the human body is capable of motivates me push mine.


Now don’t forget to start creating a collection of all the things that inspire you to become healthy.

As time goes on being healthy will become part of your lifestyle and you won’t have to “force” yourself to eat a certain way or workout at a certain time because it will be part of who you are.

For other sources of inspiration check out our inspirational yoga quotes article and inspirational yoga video article.

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We love helping people live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

Take care!