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I love going to Playa Bowls and getting an acai bowl!


Problem is I don’t have a Playa Bowls near by me to do this all the time.


When Costco was having a sale on acai I was all in! Right now (summer 2018) 12 packs of the acai mixture only cost $10! That is insane because this package makes 6 bowls for the price of one!


I get to save money and have an amazing energizing breakfast? Count me in!



Ingredients List:

Acai – 2 packs

Frozen pineapples or banana (frozen to make it nice and thick) – 1/3 cup

Chia seeds – 3 tbsp

Granola (Usually use the gluten free one) – 1/3 cup

Hemp hearts (my new favorite protein source) – 2 tbsp

! Strawberry


Not a big list and it takes less than 5 minutes to make!



Step 1: Acai

I like to use the acai I get at Costco. Not just because it is on sale, but after researching the company that sells it, Sambazon, I realized how awesome their values are and their company is based around providing customers with quality ingredients. It also states it is always certified USDA Organic, non-GMO, and Fair Trade. 



Take two packets and defrost them under warm water for 1-2 minutes.


Step 2: Frozen Pineapples


I buy a 5 pound bag from Costco. Buying things in bulk will save you so much money. This bag costs $10.



While the acai is defrosting toss a handful of pineapple in the blender.



Then pour in ¼ cup of filtered water.


I set my blender to the lowest speed and blend it for 15 seconds



As a side note the Vitamix is the number 1 blender! I cant believe how amazing this blender is and I am so happy that I decided to make the investment. I really makes a world of a difference. We use this model. 


If you do get the Vitamix, it also comes with a tool to help you move things around while food is being blended. 




Step 3. Toss the Acai in


At this point the Acai is still frozen but you are able to get it out of the package.


Put both packs of acai in the blender and continue to blend. 



Step 4. Chia Seeds


Once the acai is blended it should have a nice thick consistency.



Take out your bag of chia seeds. Remember buying in bulk will save you a lot. Here is a link to the one I always buy on Amazon. 



Toss in 3 tbsp of chia seeds and continue to blend on a low speed.



Step 5. Toppings


I love to top my acai bowls with granola and hemp hearts to add some extra nutrients. 


My favorite granola to use is Autumn’s Gold Grain Free granola. It tastes so good and is gluten free! At Costco you could get a 1 lb bag for $15, on Amazon it tends to cost a little more but it is worth it for the taste if you don’t have a Costco near you. 



If you do not have a Costco close second to the Autum’s Gold is the Purely Elizabeth Coconut Cashew Grain Free Granola, here is the Amazon link.



Lastly you are going to sprinkle some organic hemp hearts. This is another great way to add protein and to increase your fiber intake. Another advantage hemp hearts have is they are a good source of Omega 3’s and 6’s.



Sprinkle  2 tbsp of hemp hearts over the acai and enjoy your meal!


Final Cost for Everything

Acai – 2 packs  $1.66

Frozen pinapples or banna(frozen to make it nice and thick) – 1/3 cup  $0.77

Chia seeds – 3 tbsp $0.30

Granola – 1/3 cup  $0.78

Hemp hearts (my new favorite protein source) – 2 tbsp   $0.66

1 Strawberry- $0.10


Total   $4.27


Very happy with these results!


I get to enjoy a great breakfast and feel very satisfied!


Everything packed inside this meal provides you a lot of energy and power to start your day!


20g protein

Carbs  42g

Dietary Fiber  22g


For those of you that are interested in adding more protein you could always add more chia or hemp seeds. Another alternative would be to add a plant protein. My favorite one to use is Plant Fusion.


Enjoy this meal and good luck! If you have any questions write them down in the comments below!



This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.